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LJIdol Week 3 - Coprolite (!)

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LJIdol Week 3

(my comments in the first comment)


Famous Last Words

LJ Idol Week 2 - Three Little Words

(Please suspend belief, as well as knowledge of history, chemistry and archaeology :D )

Famous Last Words

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LJ Idol Week 2


"When you pray, move your feet"

The green glow of the plants beneath the canopy is impossible to photograph. No matter what settings I change on my camera, it can't seem to capture the depth of the young trees and ferns, and the subtly green light that pervades the forest – the forest exudes the colour of vibrant, young life like nothing else.

I spot a leaf on the plant that looks exactly like a shed dragon's scale. It is bigger than a hand-span, as befitting a large dragon, coloured in mottled greens and browns, and patterned with geometric sub-scales. I take a picture even though I know the life-glow of the forest that still infuses it will not be captured.

Fantails are messengers that bring news of the other-world. As I walk past the bushes I disturb insects that the birds skilfully catch in mid-air, and as they dart past I listen to see if they whisper messages from the spirits and the deceased. After they are gone I find a tiny feather on the path and I carry it home with me.

There is a path I seldom take as it takes me more out of my way than not, but it invokes images of fairy tales more than any other. I jump from the road over a large, deep ditch to the start of the path on the other side – a classic entry into another world. The path is well used despite its unusual starting point, and a well-used alternate route detours around a tree that has fallen and is blocking the way. The bark is old and broken into strips and it looks like somehow it weaves under and over itself. I feel inspired to weave ragged strips of fabric to mimic the effect.

It is raining quite heavily so I stop to rest and be sheltered under a favourite large tree. I sit on the bole of root and puzzle over the foamy bubbles that stream down the bark with the water and collect in hollows at the bottom. The fruits of this tree are hard multi-faceted balls that will later split open like some steampunk weapon to release the seeds inside. I find a stick with two still attached and it looks like a Dr Seuss drawing. I take it home to inspire me.

The cycle of life is continual, and the fall of one tree nurtures the life of many plants and insects. The latest casualty of the wind is enormous and its fall tore the branches off many trees and crushed many more. The tree was tall and straight, and its bark the most beautiful deep reddish-brown. I collect torn bark and bundle it against my chest to carry it home in the fine misty rain, only to discover when I get there that it has stained my dress.

I sit down in the hallway to put on my boots to go out, but there are things in my shoe. Puzzled I look inside and my boots are full of conkers. I upturn them and horse chestnuts spill out all over the hall floor. I put on my empty boots and I go for a walk.

LJIdol Topic 1


LJ Idol sign-up

I'm not sure if I'm really going to have time to do this as I have a lot to do right now, but I'll sign up and see.
LJ Idol signup sheet

New Blog

If I make a new blog, should I put it on Blogger, Wordpress or somewhere else?
I was going to make a new LJ account because of the better commenting features, but I want to be able to download the content and I don't think I can do that here. It's going to be kind of diary-like though, recording some ideas and thoughts and stuff, hopefully.
Wordpress has better commenting than Blogger, which is just silly in that regard. But Wordpress takes forever to do anything with it's picture uploader. Not the uploading of the picture itself, but the displaying of the overly complex picture uploading and management pop-up window.
Anywhere else good and stable?